PFAFF PFIX-IT: Detachable Work Support/Accessory Tray Compatibility List

I frequently receive questions from PFAFF owners regarding the compatibility of detachable work supports. Many people have and will purchase a used PFAFF machine with a missing or broken work support -- with there being so many different types, and with some of them being almost identical, it can be very confusing to find the correct replacement.

In the future, I will update this post with photographic examples and part numbers of each work support type to create a more thorough list, but for now this should serve as a basic guideline for anyone needing to find a replacement for their machine.

    Type 1: 1006 through 1171, 1371 and the entire 1400 series (with some having different accessory trays depending on whether or not it's an IDT/IDF dual feed machine)
      Type 2: 6000 series, Hobbymatic series
        Type 3: 7510/7530/7550
          Type 4: 1500/6100/6200 series
            Type 5: 7570
              Type 6: 7560
                Type 7: 2000 and 2100 series

                For those who are looking for a replacement work support, I recommend searching eBay, or contacting Brubaker's.

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