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PFAFF PFILES: 7500 Series - Top Ten Most Common Problems and How to Solve Them

I recently acquired a hard copy of this unusual (and seemingly homemade) problem-solving guide for the Creative 7500 series machines (specifically the 7550 & 7570), written by Steve Ward. Although the title says "Service Manual", it's mostly a simplified guide for troubleshooting common problems with these machines. It does however contain a few of the repair illustrations and self-test key functions from the genuine PFAFF service manuals.

Although this guide is short at only thirteen pages, it should serve especially useful for those who are usually too intimidated to work on their own machines, but have a small, common issue that can be fixed at home; possibly avoiding a costly trip to a technician.

PFAFF 7500 Series Ten Most Common Problems Guide.pdf (4.82 MB)

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