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PFAFF PFILES: Creative Stitch Artist

For your pleasure is
Creative Stitch Artist software (also known as VIP Stitch Artist), which can be used to create 9mm and MAXI stitches. This software works for Creative 2140/2144/2170 and 7500 series machines.

Stitch Artist requires no dongle to run, and only a serial to install (provided below). Considering it is nearly twenty years of age and no longer supported by SVP, I figured it was time to share this useful tool.

Although the description of the software only mentions the 7570, this should also work for the 7560/7562 machines, and very likely 7510/7530 machines as well via a direct connection (9mm only as they do not have MAXI capabilities).

Creative Stitch Artist features the following:

Design new stitches for your machine
Create new 9mm and Maxi stitches for your Pfaff creative 2140 or 7570 machine. You can automatically create stitch designs from your own background picture. Select from nine different stitch types including traditional candlewick knots.

It's your choice
After loading your background picture, you can either create a Light or Heavy QuickTrace automatically, or add stitches using the QuickTrace, Satin and FreeHand features. Select one of nine different stitch types.

QuickTrace Light and QuickTrace Heavy
Click on a line to create a line of Running Stitches (Light) or Triple Stitches (Heavy) along the connected lines of your image. Choose stitch lengths from 1mm to 6mm.

Parallel Satin stitches add a beautiful sheen
Create straight columns and curved columns of parallel satin stitches. Fixed angle satin is always at 90 degrees to the direction of sewing, to allow the machine to move forward smoothly.

Place FreeHand Stitches where you wish
Add beautiful traditional Candlewick knot stitches in star, rectangle or ellipse shapes for the finishing touches to your stitch design. Place Single Stitches to link areas, or add straight or curved lines of Running or Triple stitch.

Edit stitches easily
Import stitch designs from your Pfaff creative 2140 or 7570 machine. Select and modify groups of stitches - move, cut, copy, paste, rotate, scale or mirror areas!

Import stitch designs
Insert stitch designs from your Pfaff creative 2140 or 7570 machine. Most of the 2140 stitches are supplied with the program, too. Insert pcd and pcq format designs also.

Select stitches easily
Choose one or a group of stitches using block, color, polygon or freehand select, or Select All. You can select stitches using the arrow keys, too.

Modify blocks of stitches
Cut, copy, or paste the marked section into that stitch design or a new one. You can also mirror vertically and horizontally, rotate, or scale parts or whole designs up and down.

View and stitch directly
Choose thread colors to preview your design, then transfer it to your machine. You can even export the stitches in embroidery formats to use in the hoop.

Choose your color
Select any color to preview your design. You can use the thread color numbers from your preferred manufacturer. Add notes, too.

Quick 3D View
Preview the stitches in three-dimensional stitches and set at Real Size. Use the VIP Configure program to set your fabric color. Print a design worksheet in color to use as a sewing guide. Set your screen background to any color in the 16-million Windows color palette. Turn the grid on and off or change the size or color.

Transfer your stitches
Send your stitches from your computer to your Pfaff creative 2140 or 7570 machine. You can also export the stitches in embroidery formats to use in the hoop.

Help and Tutorials
A printed User's Guide and extensive on-screen help provide advice if needed. The interactive training program included will show you how easy it is to use VIP creative Stitch Artist.

7570 Creative Card notes. This also applies to the 7560 & 7562.

You can download VIP Stitch Artist here. The serial to install is 820843.


  1. PFAFF is the best sewing machine for me.
    Now I can't buy some part in Thailand. So, I try to find out from USA. It's very difficult for me.
    Love PFAFF.


  2. Is there a way to get this program to import the files that PCD-WIN uses (*.pcd *.pdq)? I have been able to get this program to talk to my 7570 but PCD-Win refuses to send stitches. It just sits there. It worked 20+ years ago on a different laptop (now defunct) with the same cable, made based on the design posted at Rudolph's page. I'm using a built-in serial port, not a USB connector.

  3. Stitch Artist was once part of the 4D Software. I re-installed 4D on my Win. 10 computer so that I could use Stitch Artist to create .SPX stitches and Maxi stitches for my CSPro & Icon machines. The .SPX & Maxi stitches are decorative stitches for the machine, but in HV/Pfaff software they Dre saved as motif stitches and can be used as quilting backgrounds, fabric decoration, etc.