Welcome to the New PFAFF Talk Weblog!

Here you will be able to find all things related to the superbly unmatched German-made/engineered PFAFF sewing machines from (mostly) 1983-2005, such as:

PFAFF history and spotlights on different models/series
Repair and service instructions
Vintage PFAFF Club Magazine scans
VHS rips of PFAFF instructional guides and pre-2002 Sewing with Nancy episodes (current uploads can be found here on my YouTube channel)
PFAFF machines that I have personally customized/re-engineered, with detailed descriptions

So subscribe, sit back, and enjoy. And remember, you'll do your best sewing on a PFAFF!

(This blog is not affiliated with the long-defunct site known as Pfaff-Talk, or with SVP Worldwide)

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