PFAFF PFILES: Creative 7570 Instructional Video Series (VHS, 1996)

PFAFF How-To Video Series -- creative 7570: The ultimate technology for the ultimate in creativity!

Creative Sewing Specialist Philip Pepper and Pfaff Educational Consultant Linnette Whicker introduce you to a whole new world of creative possibilities as they demonstrate how to use your Pfaff creative 7570, step-by-step. 

Volume 1

Together, in an easy to follow format, Philip and Linnette cover all the need-to-know-basics of the Pfaff creative 7570. Beginning with a brief explanation of various types and uses of threads and needles, they'll cover automatic needle threading and bobbin winding on the 7570, entering and deleting security codes, basic maintenance procedures and offer a detailed description of each individual operating key and its function. You'll also get a demonstration of Pfaff-exclusive built-in Dual Feed and see the advantages of multiple needle positions. Find out how to create interesting effects with the hemmer foot, as well as other accessories that come with the 7570. Follow along as Philip and Linnette show you how to create your own cording for buttonholes, how to sew a variety of button-hole styles and to sew on buttons. Additionally, you'll learn how easy it is to program alphabets and decorative stitches into M-Memories, step by step and pick up some interesting ideas for sewing Maxi-Stitches, Maxi-Monograms and eight-way feed designs. Plus, you'll learn some valuable tips on twin needle sewing and other exciting specialty sewing techniques. There's also a special section on the 7570's unique Design Card system, featuring how to access Maxi-Design stitches and using blank Creative Cards to store your own original designs. 

Volume 2

This exciting video picks up where Volume One leaves off, bringing you more advanced creative sewing techniques including how to draw, enter, delete and insert stitches in P-Memories, creating beautiful entredeux and using wing needles, pinstitching for shadow applique and appliqué, and much more. You'll also learn to master the arts of cutwork with Richelieu bars and terrific bobbin embroidery from Philip, the renowned master of these sewing artforms. 

Plus, Philip and Linnette cover the Creative Fantasy embroidery unit in detail. They'll show you how to

  • Attach the unit to your sewing machine and cover the functions and screens 
  • Get the most from your Creative Fantasy Cards 
  • Use M-Mernories with the Creative Fantasy 
  • Combine alphabet styles and designs from a card 
  • Move individual letters
  • Embroider only the outline motifs 
  • Accurately position designs, including making templates and creating work using large scale letters 
  • Embroider specialty fabrics 

There's so much useful information packed into this video, you'll find yourself viewing it over and over!


If you have older VHS tapes or DVDs that you would like to donate to be digitally transferred and added to the PFAFF Talk YouTube channel, please send an email. I am currently looking for older Sewing With Nancy episodes and video releases (pre-2003); as well as official PFAFF instructional, starter guide, and promotional videos.

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